About Me

  • I love MMA.. period.  All shapes and sizes.
  • I worked in the martial arts field, love BJJ, and have competed in sub grappling tournaments.
  • I’m always happy to make a HL for a website, fighter, or organization.  Send me an e-mail and we’ll talk details: boondockvideo@yahoo.com
  • I’ve use Final Cut Pro to make videos.
  • I won a Fedor signed poster because he chose “3rd Man” as his favorite “foreign highlight” video.  It’s wrapped up under my desk because I don’t know what to do with it. If you want it, email me.

30 Responses to “About Me”

  1. I need to cuddle with something this weekend

  2. dang, hopefully youll get recognized by some top mma org

  3. dude i love your stuff, i like to make MMA videos also. can you please give me some feedback on my first hl,

  4. love your hurt video… I have a clothing line called Hurt. I’d like to partner up.

  5. Rhon, e-mail me. boondockvideo@yahoo.com

  6. Where do you get your highlight stock?

    For example in 3rd Man you use extensive ref footage i don’t remember being broadcast?

    What is your source?

  7. ..I don’t remember either.

    It’s better that way.

  8. Although all are very well done (particularly 3rd Man & Hurt; fantastic sequencing in both), Furious Angels was actually instrumental in my decision to undertake a professional mixed martial arts fight. For what it’s worth, there was so much negativity around my professional debut by a number of small-minded individuals, it almost looked like it was over before it really began. I found Furious Angels during this period, quite by accident, and it helped lend some much needed perspective to the proceedings. I watched it many times leading up to the fight (including the day of), and I still view it fondly. With respect.

  9. RELaw,
    I’m humbled man. And I’m glad the Furious helped you, I know it has me.

    Thanks a lot for letting me know as it’s great to hear anytime one of my videos has done more than simply entertain.

    Long Live MMA!


  10. Boon, I am so happy to find you. I have Hurt on my I-pod and I watched it before my last match. Its great to see all the emotion from all those upsets. To know that my opponents have sponsors, famous trainers, and a pack of forum ninjas behind them. None of that shit matters, and I love seeing that shock and disbelief when I get a glove on them. No other Highlight has captured that idea as well as Hurt. With more hard work and a tailwind, I expect to be fighting in a big Org soon. One day I will smash a famous face, and I hope to see it in a Boon Highlight!!!

  11. Liam, good stuff and I’m glad the HL connects with you. Also glad your fist connects with faces and not only should you expect to see yourself in a future highlight but you should also expect to have me in your corner with a camera rolling.

    Best of luck.

  12. I loved your video called Absolute 4. The timing of all the scenes to the music was perfect. Can you please give me the name of the song that was used for your video?

  13. Ming, thanks and I’m glad you enjoyed the video. The song is “Here Comes the King” by X-Ray Dog.

    If you cannot find it, e-mail me.

  14. Cheers for making these amazing highlights. I’ve played Furious Angels to friends who’ve never watched MMA and they’ve loved it!

  15. hey i love your highlights but when i try to put them on my ipod no sound comes up, any suggestions?

  16. Jordan, drop me an e-mail to talk further: boondockvideo@yahoo.com

    I’m out of the country for the next week so I might not respond right away.

  17. Your videos are great.
    I would post nothing else to explain my sport.
    There a better than any professionel PR, this blockhedas should pay you.
    A lot.

    Greatings from Germany

  18. Thanks Oliver.

    Glad you appreciate them bro. I agree.. they should pay me too!!!

    Long Live MMA!

  19. boondock is my hero.

  20. Only 12 people know who you are? You are Jesus? You must live in a very small village or something.

    Your videos kick ass. It’s very cool that you received a poster from Fedor.

  21. Hey boondock, you really inspired me to make MMA HL’s I wasnt the same when i saw Hurt and 3rd Man. I’ve made a few HL’s – I made ‘Got Soul’ as i was inspired by ‘Hurt’:



  22. Just stumbled across your site and though it was cool. Was wondering if you would be interested in trading links. Check out WorldExtremeFighter.com and let me know. Thanks.

  23. Hi, i adore your highlights and have done it for years, it gets me motivated to give 100% every training. But right now im not in the mood for training and need to get inspired with a new highlight before my upcoming fights. Please can u make a new highlight ? a Muay thai hl will be amazing but ill be just find with a MMA hl.


  24. Dude your videos are sick. You should make an epic Bj Penn highlight ..

  25. Awesome song you need to use in a HL:

    David Sardy – Estasi Dell Anima

  26. Man, what are you doing now? I would like to guess that you are getting paid professionally to do MMA videos because your highlights are fucking amazing!!! After three plus years no highlight videos come close to the epicness and emotional feelings you get with the editing of your vids and your music choices…

    I’m really just itching to see more of your work!

  27. What do you think about this one ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6b9POuIdRI
    If you ask me this video is in the title fight for the undisputed king of mma highlights along with your Furious Angels. It may lack subtleness , emotional touches , or you could argue even finesse. But it has one thing even your angels cant touch. AN electrifying FORCE that would scare SATAN , AZAZEL and all his fucking legions away. Even Fedor would have been way over his head that night with Crocop.

    PS i posted this because i respect your MMA knowledge and your ability to convey the energy behing the fights in a unique way, and i would like to know your opinion on this video APROACH , like a surreal tournament from hell , with all the soundtrack , and those masterful intros that say so many things , an aspect ive only seen in your vids. Anyway i hope you enjoy your ride on this planet

    • It’s a good video bro. Like you said, it lacks some finesse but I can’t argue that it’s aggressive and intense. Plus I freaking love that fight. You make it? Thanks for sending it my way.

  28. Are you still alive?

  29. Boondock I have a special comeback request. A Rousimar Palhares tribute made just like the giant silva highlight. It would be so awesome! Youre videos are the best!

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