Bread & Beards!! James Thompson talks Kimbo Slice

James Thompson & Boondock – May 20th, 2008 

Boondock: James, you have a huge fight versus Kimbo Slice coming up and a lot of people want to know how you’re doing. Are you feeling good and healthy? 

James Thompson: Yeah, I’m feeling great… Training hard and everything’s coming together. I’m really looking forward to the fight. 

Boon: What was your reaction when you were first offered the fight versus Kimbo and learned it’d be on national television in America? 

James: I was obviously really pleased as I knew the fight would be on CBS, but I was a little shocked as I thought Buzz Berry would end up fighting him after his win against Ken Shamrock. I know they think I’ll be a perfect opponent for Kimbo, that I’ll come in, look scary, then get knocked out… but this doesn’t bother me at all as it’s such a massive chance to put me back on track in the biggest possible way! 

Boon: Honestly James, do you think it’s fair you have to fight Kimbo and his beard at the same time? 

James: No, not really. I think Kimbo’s beard has got a life of it’s own, and after I win, it should count as two victories! 

Boon: Have you considered growing a beard of your own for this match? 

James: Yeah I did consider it for about 0.2 seconds. …then came to my senses 

Boon: I heard you had a role on “Gladiators UK” and you were actually getting ready to start filming when you were offered this fight, was it a hard decision? 

James: MMA is my career and what I love doing, so when someone offers you what will be the most watched MMA fight to date, it was really a no brainer. Gladiators would have been fun, but beating Kimbo will be much more satisfying. 

Boon: I got to know, what was your name going to be on the Gladiators show. 


Boon: You’ve had numerous big fights, which fight did you feel the most pressure; Yoshida, Frye, or Kimbo? 

James: As I was the underdog in all these fights, don’t feel the pressure as much as if I was the favorite. But if I had to choose, I’d say Kimbo due to the scale of it 

Boon: So then being the underdog doesn’t bother you all that much? 

James: With me loosing my last two fights I can see why people might not have a massive amount of confidence in me, but I’m truly shocked by the amount of people that have bought into the “Kimbo hype.” It doesn’t bother me and in factI prefer being the underdog 

Boon: Overall how’s the training going? 

James: Training’s going great. Just drilling things over and over, getting fitness up and sparring a lot. 

Boon: Anything specific you’re working on in preparation for Kimbo? 

James: Not really, just trying to fix the holes in my defense and just all of the above. 

Boon: Kimbo’s famous for his non-sanctioned backyard brawls, how many street and backyard brawls do you think you’ve been involved in? 

James: I’ve been in untold amounts of unsanctioned fights and I’m just kicking myself that I didn’t have someone filming them all as I’d be a rich man by now! 

Boon: Besides a shaving kit, what’s your best weapon against a guy like him? 

James: Bread dosed with sleeping tablets. But honestly, I think the best weapon against a guy like Kimbo is an all round MMA game. 

Boon: Anything you want to say to your fans out there? 

James: Thanks for all the continued support, special thanks to everyone on the WarWagon. There have been ups and downs, but come may 31st, I’m taking it to another level. 

Boon: Anything you want to say to the Kimbo fans and those who’ve written you off? 


Boon: Thanks James. 

James: Cheers Boondock 

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