Download Highlights

3rd Man:

3rd Man (137 Mb version):

Furious Angels:




Long Live MMA!



16 Responses to “Download Highlights”

  1. Hi!

    I’ve just dropped by to say that your videos are awesome! My personal favorite is ‘3rd man’, and I don’t even like Coldplay. The video and the tune fits perfectly IMO.

    Keep them coming.

    My regards,


  2. the furious angels one is down……any chance of getting a re-up?

  3. absolutely. I’ll work on it.

  4. I would appreciate an Upload on because megaupload is extremely slow. It takes hours.
    Thank and keep up your awesome work.

  5. Any chance of us downloading “A Matter of Pride” or “Tribute” soon? I’d appreciate it. Or did they go away when your PC crashed?

  6. Thought I’d drop by and check out the site, Boon – nice work.

  7. Putting up some more links as requested.

  8. Yo, I need a download of the Colossus video. Thats the best video along with Tribute to Giant

  9. Thanks for the new links.

  10. Man you make the best movies.
    My favorites are, Hurt, Furious Angels and 3rd man

  11. Your videos are amazing, I really love Hurt. If you get a chance can you put up Twist?

  12. Whenever I want to turn someone on to the great sport of MMA, I simply send them a link to Boondocks 3rd man. It closes the deal every time….

  13. A HQ Twist link would be cool.

  14. Hey Boondock,

    Furious Angels is my favourite MMA highlight – great work! I was wondering if you could put up an HQ version of it on megaupload. Thanks!

  15. Great Highlight videos! This is coming from a guy who lives in Libya and as legend has it we are not easily impressed!

  16. how about putting up twist?

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