“3rd Man”

•November 27, 2007 • 39 Comments

My personal favorite of my highlight videos. It was born out of a very hard time of life, perhaps the hardest I’ve ever been through. I was living the lyrics of this video…. The words, the visuals, and the music all just came together and expressed my feelings perfectly.

Much like my other videos Furious Angels and Hurt, the lyrics match the feel of the video and clips, if only in my own head.

I truly thought it would be a very hated video. Sure the ref-cam is cool but Coldplay in an MMA video?! But I just couldn’t get my heart/mind out of this song for this video. I finally made and released this highlight more for myself without worrying if others would think it sucked. I’m still surprised when fans and (especially) fighters tell me this is their favorite of my videos.

Song: “Fix You” by Coldplay

This video is downloadable in the Download section (right side of page).



“Furious Angels”

•November 27, 2007 • 28 Comments

“Because you can’t always win and it’s never easy.”

Song: “Furious Angels” by Rob D (Rob Dougan)
Video Editor: Adobe Pro Premiere
Misc: I tweaked with this video FOREVER. Up to this point I was only known for the “funny” lowlights but I knew this video would work if I did it right. So I literally tried to make things fit as perfect as possible. There are MANY times in the HL where the lyrics match the screen (or what the screen is implying), some have been mentioned by people, some I doubt will ever be caught.

Regardless, I wanted it to be so intertwined that the song and video are in perfect unison, even if it was only going to be picked up on subconsciously… that the person watching would just feel that it “fit.”

Fedor Highlight: “Zulu’d”

•August 4, 2008 • 22 Comments

Just for kicks.



•May 16, 2008 • 36 Comments

The knockout has always seemed the most violent, most intense way to end a fight… this highlight was made to show the submission for the aggressive, abusive finisher that it is.

After finishing “Hurt” I was in the mood to do something a whole lot less epic and a whole lot more aggressive.  “Twist” achieves both and although it’s short it captures the straight forward type video I wanted to go with the song.  (Better quality coming)

*I seem to be getting a constant stream of comments/e-mails/messages on the band I used for this video.  I know the song is very different and not easy to fall in love with, but kind of like when I used a Coldplay song, don’t let your feelings about a band color what you’re watching.  Or try at least.  For the record, I’m not a big fan of the band I use… the song just needed a video.  And so it is.

Hope you enjoy and as always…

Long Live MMA!


**Low quality version below really sucks… might want to go to youtube and make sure you click “watch in high quality” just under the video screen.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1NkuUPkbME


•November 27, 2007 • 30 Comments

Finally got a new computer, a Mac, and this was the video I put out first. I shelved it 3 or 4 times and it almost didn’t get posted until my brother convinced me to put it out. Read on “Furious Angels” what I wrote about the words matching the video because I put in the same amount of work to make this match.

Song: “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails

Misc: Johnny Cash does an amazing job covering this song but his version has no swell, no highs and lows, and no crescendo. It didn’t work for the HL.
This is also the first video I made using only UFC footage.
And thank you to the Drunken Irish Dungeon Master and Khoiler, two true brothers, for making this possible.


•November 27, 2007 • 7 Comments

I like the movie Boondock Saints even though it’s somehow become cool not to like it. Whatever. Regardless, I was flying from Colorado to Atlanta and had my iPod on shuffle. This song came on and I wasn’t thinking about a video at all until the last part where they finish the prayer…. I suddenly felt a shot of inspiration and quickly played it back.

By the time I’d landed I knew exactly how the last scene would play out but no idea how to get there. And yes, the final shot ended up just as I had hoped it would while I was at 36,000 over Kansas.

I think I used Sony Vegas to make this video. Unsure though.

Song: “Armageddon Remix” by unknown

“Chuck vs Wand – Promo #1”

•November 27, 2007 • 7 Comments

This was the first of a supposed three part series of promos for a fight I hoped would happen. Well it IS happening but Promo #2 and #3 have not happened. My PC crashed shortly after this and I haven’t had the heart to start it all over again.

But this video is supposed to be funny. Many Brazilians thought it disrespectful and I even got a few death threats. Guess they didn’t know I’m a Wand fan myself because in reality this video backhandedly makes fun of the average TUFfer who has no idea who “Vanderlay Silva” is.

Song 1: “Sit Up and Listen” by X-Ray Dog (thanks to Jerseyfresh84 for the song name)
Song 2: “Cotton-Eyed Joe” by Rednex

“A Matter of Pride”

•November 27, 2007 • 8 Comments

I’m a fan of MMA history and the Gracie/Sakuraba blood feud was one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Kazushi Sakuraba is called “The Gracie Hunter” due to his defeats over Royce, Renzo, Royler, and Ryan. I always believed that the rivalry was never settled since Rickson Gracie (famed to be the greatest fighter of the Gracie family) and Saku never fought. If you find yourself reading that and drawing a blank, I’d encourage you to read up or at least watch some of the Gracie/Saku rivalries (Watch “Gracie’s in Action” 1 and 2). It was legendary to watch one man single-handedly break a family’s long-storied pride. But the Gracie’s being the warriors they are, never lost their honor (regardless of what some might say).

It’s always been unfortunate that Rickson never stepped up to fight Sakuraba and that is why I sub-titled this video, “Dear Rickson…”
Song 1: Looped cut from “X Amount of Words” by Blue October
Song 2: “A Place For My Head” by Linkin Park
Misc: The original version was over 10 minutes long and went deep into the Gracie’s family and more current wins. It was all too much and I cut it down to this.