Fedor Highlight: “Zulu’d”

Just for kicks.



~ by Boondock on August 4, 2008.

22 Responses to “Fedor Highlight: “Zulu’d””

  1. You are a man of culture and class, Boon.

  2. LOL, that’s uncanny

  3. Man Zulu looks rough in this one, and I coulda sworn he was black…

  4. Awesome! That is hilarious. Well done sir.

  5. AWESOME!!!!

    SO DAMN GOOD!!!!

  6. Now that was awesome. You are a genius!

  7. OK you got me I was hearing the soundtrack and going what the..????, then realized you changed the soundtrack except Tim was 36 secs to Zulu’s 26 secs.Hell you could probably stretch out the sound bite for the Yugi Nagata match 1min 2secs, the Ogawa match 51secs, and the Goodridge match 1min 9secs. Funny really liked that one.

  8. Holy Sh*t ! That was awesome ! U the Man Boon !

  9. Good Vid… Brilliant video!

  10. Awesome video dude. You gotta make an Evan Tanner Highlight Tribute video. I’ve seen some good ones, but your videos are amazing man. Would be awesome.

  11. Superb

  12. LOLz That was perfect.

  13. Good job!

  14. classic art right there

  15. Lol you had me going for a second. I was saying to myself I dont rember mauro comenting that fight.

  16. “All folks look alike (Rampage)” Zulu/Sylvia, or Randleman/Jackson/Goodridge… 😉
    War Boondock, still the best.

  17. Didn’t even break a sweat…Waste of Height

  18. so funny… so true!

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  21. Great video, i have been searching for mma videos for a while

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