The knockout has always seemed the most violent, most intense way to end a fight… this highlight was made to show the submission for the aggressive, abusive finisher that it is.

After finishing “Hurt” I was in the mood to do something a whole lot less epic and a whole lot more aggressive.  “Twist” achieves both and although it’s short it captures the straight forward type video I wanted to go with the song.  (Better quality coming)

*I seem to be getting a constant stream of comments/e-mails/messages on the band I used for this video.  I know the song is very different and not easy to fall in love with, but kind of like when I used a Coldplay song, don’t let your feelings about a band color what you’re watching.  Or try at least.  For the record, I’m not a big fan of the band I use… the song just needed a video.  And so it is.

Hope you enjoy and as always…

Long Live MMA!


**Low quality version below really sucks… might want to go to youtube and make sure you click “watch in high quality” just under the video screen.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1NkuUPkbME


~ by Boondock on May 16, 2008.

36 Responses to ““TWIST””

  1. horrible horrible video. in my opinion. looking back at your other ones. this one is horrible. you must always use the music that you used before. the slow melody. anybody can put hardcore rock and mma to make a highlight. low video. very low.

  2. hmm, for what it was, i did like it. its good to switch things up, and if i think about submissions, i would think the art of it and the skill it takes to set up a submission. theres no flash submissions. BUT with the speed and the song choice i was actually cringing watching the submissions. they did look alot more brutal. Good HL, good song, good job.

  3. tom fulp fails at life

  4. tom fulp fails at life

  5. tom fulp SUCKS DICK!!!

  6. It was alright if u pay attention to what he is going for, but it kindof makes the fighters look like crazy cannibals killing each other, but from the jits view hes twistin a ma fucka up showin wat he gotz, ahhahaha, nice vid overall bro ….talk 2 ya on SF…

  7. tom fulp is a fool. Good vid. Not a epic like your others but made very well.

  8. i really liked it actually


  9. i never make comments on videos but this is the first time i have to. you should of used that guillotine from hell in the IFL…I can’t even remember the name of the fighter who did it but it looked like he was about to rip the guys head off

  10. I don’t like Korn very much, but the song works well for the video.

  11. Way to branch out and do something different, seems like you are know for doing that. I always like when artist keep pushing stuff and don’t just stick to what everyone wants or what is current. Good song and good vid, the fast motion was a great use with the song; somewhat creepy, slightly disturbing definitely different.

  12. I really like this highlight, had to watch it a couple of times before i did, mostly becuase of the song… But now it looks great =)
    Like that it’s kinda odd =)

  13. wish it was longer. but good for less than a min

  14. I enjoyed that Boon; not typical stuff but I enjoyed it.

  15. […] “TWIST” – May 2008 The knockout has always seemed the most violent, most intense way to end a fight… this highlight was made to show […] […]

  16. #8 top blog post for the day. Not bad.

    Thanks fellas.

  17. Nice work again bro, respect the sub!!

  18. good shit as always…….this is a total 180 from something like 3rd man, but it works…….i like the manic pace of the clip matching the music…

  19. NICE!

  20. Like it a lot bro, definately different, but still very cool

  21. I thought it was pretty good short highlight. It definitely was what you described what you wanted it to be. I thought the song fit it well. Very intense brutal action

  22. Seriously Tom, you suck – keep your shitty opinion to yourself
    I’ve watched many HL’s in my time and this was original and featured lots of great subs…nice work

  23. I like it.

  24. verry cool, way different than anything you’ve done so far, the song on its own sucks but with this video it transcends that

  25. Boon, you always rock my face off. Yeah well Korn isn’t exactly the best band but that song did need a video. Keep doin’ what you do. you the best in my book. by the way, look around you…and just know….. it’s you… it’s always you.

  26. I wont lie, I was a little dissapointed because I thought the song was gonna be “do the twist” by Boda Mostras, I thought that woulda been awesome. But I do like what you came up with, its always very original. keep up the good work

  27. this is a good video, lots of brutal submissions. I still prefer the individual fighter videos to it though. You gots to make one for Kimbo.

  28. Wow! I was floored by this video! When I watch your videos, I am always pleasantly suprised by the music you choose. It always seems to fit with what you put together! GREAT VIDEO!
    Now if I can just download it so I can show it to my friends via my Zune… ^_^

  29. Good video, Boondock. Not your best work, but still good . . .

  30. I personally am not a big of a fan of Korn but goes great with the vid, pretty ba.

  31. good shit love it.

  32. Would you do a tribute to evan tanner? I loved watching him fight. A lot of people do. He represented someone struggling to find himself, very human, acknowledged his faults and tried to improve. RIP

  33. How about a training highlight to Dead Prez Way of Life

  34. I know as an artist it gets kiind of annoying when people request things for free but Timjitsu may be on to something. If there was a guy to do a well done Evan Tanner memorial vid its boondock

  35. I don’t get all the negative comments about your choice of song. It fits perfectly with the video and gives it a disturbing uncomfortable feeling, wich I think is totally suitable for the images of mangled bloody bodies.
    Awasome work once again

    • Thanks JM. I chose the song for the very reason you mentioned and if I’ve learned ANYTHING from making these videos, it’s that the ONE THING you won’t please everyone on is music. But as for this video, the music fits.

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