I like the movie Boondock Saints even though it’s somehow become cool not to like it. Whatever. Regardless, I was flying from Colorado to Atlanta and had my iPod on shuffle. This song came on and I wasn’t thinking about a video at all until the last part where they finish the prayer…. I suddenly felt a shot of inspiration and quickly played it back.

By the time I’d landed I knew exactly how the last scene would play out but no idea how to get there. And yes, the final shot ended up just as I had hoped it would while I was at 36,000 over Kansas.

I think I used Sony Vegas to make this video. Unsure though.

Song: “Armageddon Remix” by unknown


~ by Boondock on November 27, 2007.

7 Responses to ““Saints””

  1. I gotta say this is my favorite video from you. I’m a huge fan of The Boondock Saints and you mixed my favorite movie along with my favorite sport perfectly. Thank you.


  2. Thanks Eric. I wondered how much love Saints would get and it’s good to hear that you like it.

  3. Anyone who dosen’t love the Boondock Saints is a damn fool! :]

    I am an aspiring director and I also do editing, and I gotta say man, your editing is second to none that I’ve seen do any sort of sport highlight wether it be amateur or professionally done. The timing for the cuts is easy, it’s the ingenious ideas that make it good.

  4. Thanks for the kind words General. When you do become a famous director with millions to burn, give me a call.

  5. Boon what program did you use for this?

  6. Shogun, for this one I used Sony Vegas (I think).

  7. I like it a lot…i’m also a fan of the boondock saints movie and this video, the music…all fit perfect.

    I hope you continue doing MMA highlights, yours and genghis’s are the best.

    Thank you.

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