Billed as a highlight to “MMA’s Greatest Legend,” this video definitely lived up to the hype. Exposing the “supposed” win by Aleksander Emelianenko as the fraud it was and shooting a warning shot across the bow of the KGB and the Yakuza who worked in tandem to pull off what they thought would be a easy cover up (The KBG version is edited poorly with extra footage of body double, Heath Herring, to make it look like James Thompson lost).

I credit this video for doing two things; 1) being the first step in bringing down DSE by exposing a worked fight and 2) causing James Thompson to e-mail me asking WTF I was thinking? He was understandably pissed but we’ve worked it out (I hope) and I’m thankful that a guy of his size doesn’t have me on a hit list.

WAR JT! (Find the James Thompson WarWagon at http://www.megapunk.co.uk/forum/index.php)

Song: “Clubbed to Death” by Rob Dougan (version 2 if I’m not mistaken)


~ by Boondock on November 27, 2007.

11 Responses to ““Legend””

  1. Forgive me of my ignorance sir, but the small article you wrote, was that legit? What else do you know?

  2. the article he wrote is mainly to inspire us to jump on the warwagon

  3. I pissed myself watching the new collosus video! Will it be up for download?

  4. […] don’t get this. Please explain. Watch the greatness that is James Thompson and be transformed! “Legend” February 2006 Boondockvideo’s Weblog __________________ Saying UFC champions aren’t real champions because the UFC doesn’t co-promote […]

  5. After the Kimbo fight I looked at his page. Couldn’t believe my eyes.

    James DVD Thompson

    Wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it. I laughed so damn much, I just had to take a screenshot before someone took it down.

  6. that video makes it seem that Thompson won that fight , he got knocked the fuck out as i remember

  7. tdb –

    You’re buying the KGB cover-up pretty nicely. What you saw was a reenactment with Heath Herring standing in for Thompson.

  8. Are you fu cking stupid??? James Thompson got knocked out by emelianenko… how could it be a cover up?? there were thousands of people watching it happen you moron.

  9. hahaha you gotta love it.

    Missed seeing you around sherdog for awhile.

  10. funny clip, why are people taking this seriously? My bro wooped that sooka’s ass.

  11. Actually Tron, it was a Kennedy-esque cover up. I know because I’m a lifetime subscribing member of the James Thompson DVD club.

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