Finally got a new computer, a Mac, and this was the video I put out first. I shelved it 3 or 4 times and it almost didn’t get posted until my brother convinced me to put it out. Read on “Furious Angels” what I wrote about the words matching the video because I put in the same amount of work to make this match.

Song: “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails

Misc: Johnny Cash does an amazing job covering this song but his version has no swell, no highs and lows, and no crescendo. It didn’t work for the HL.
This is also the first video I made using only UFC footage.
And thank you to the Drunken Irish Dungeon Master and Khoiler, two true brothers, for making this possible.


~ by Boondock on November 27, 2007.

30 Responses to ““Hurt””

  1. awesome song, perfect with the vid. unreal. maybe your best

  2. brilliant!!!!!quite emotional…hmmm

  3. great stuff
    keep it up man


  5. awesome vid mann keep it up, i have a liddell vs silva vid in the works

  6. Good Stuff. Where’s the Johnny Cash version of Hurt? If you haven’t, give it a listen, its got the redemptive end that NIN misses.

  7. Hey dude can I download this somewhere?

  8. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate these videos. I didnt think alot of other people identified with the emotional “beauty” of MMA. I find myself watching these HL vids over and over and fidning new inspiration each time. Truly classic. Thank you for all your hard work.

  9. You got any good quality downloading link for that video? its great man.

  10. this is the best highlight video i’ve ever seen! would you mind uploading the high quality avi file? that would be great!

  11. Working on it.

  12. I think you made the right move going with a NIN song. I would have never imagined the song being in a mma highlight, now i can’t listen to it without thinking about the highlight. Sweet vids…

  13. That makes two of us. I wouldn’t have imagined it being an MMA hl either if it hadn’t been for my brother. He suggested it and at first I thought he was crazy. But then after listening to it a few times I thought it would work well. So I made 75% of it and just quit at one point thinking it sucked. He flew in on a crazy weekend to help me move, watched what I had, and again let me know that it was on track and I needed to push through. I credit him for this video ever seeing the light of day. It literally would not have been finished if up to me. In retrospect I’m very thankful.

  14. Wow! I wouldn’t have thought there was so much behind this HL. Guess you never quite know until you talk to the HL maker. Still, I have no idea why you would have thought the vid “sucked”, it is so emotional charge and I think it really captures a side of MMA that the general public misses out on. Keep up the killer HL’s. Are you working on a new one yet Veritas? Can’t Wait…

  15. Just curious… Is your brother a HL maker or in MMA?

  16. Nope, he’s not in either.

  17. Awesome vid! One of the most motivational ones that I’ve seen. Definitely a good choice with NIN over Cash on this one. Any source for a dl? Would like to run this on my portal media player without converting a lower quality youtube version. Thanks!

  18. Enternal,

    I have some downloads available from the main page; look to the right side under “About Me” and follow the “Download Highlights” link.

    Thanks for the props.

  19. Crazy…….great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  20. Brilliant work, Mate. I found this through cagepotato.com, and now have watched a few of your vids. very nice, very clean

  21. Thanks Zackary, glad you found it an enjoyed it.

  22. Dude that video was awesome its going right into the front of my page for tommorow.

    Why are you not doing Videos professionally if you are not already that is kick ass and a piece of art man.

  23. Dude I put it on my front page for some of my Noob fans in New York check it out tommorow in the mourning.

  24. Thanks Narcisist, I’m headed over to check it out now.

  25. wow! an MMA highlight with Nails, I can now die a happy man!

  26. hey man that video was awesome everything about was great but I could not help but give a little laugh when the needle tears a hole part you had sean sherk up there :S

    other than that I agree with everyone else you can really fell how everything pulls together in that

  27. Justincredabel on Youtube is posting your videos as your own. Removes any credit you have in them and adds his own.

  28. This is truly one of the best MMA HL videos I’ve ever seen. I really don’t understand why the UFC doesn’t hire guys like you and Hypnotik.

  29. this video took me to awsome places without leaving my seat, u my friend are a master at his craft….keep bringing em, awsome …just awsome

  30. One of the best MMA highlights ever! I can’t find the words ! I’m amazed!

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