“Furious Angels”

“Because you can’t always win and it’s never easy.”

Song: “Furious Angels” by Rob D (Rob Dougan)
Video Editor: Adobe Pro Premiere
Misc: I tweaked with this video FOREVER. Up to this point I was only known for the “funny” lowlights but I knew this video would work if I did it right. So I literally tried to make things fit as perfect as possible. There are MANY times in the HL where the lyrics match the screen (or what the screen is implying), some have been mentioned by people, some I doubt will ever be caught.

Regardless, I wanted it to be so intertwined that the song and video are in perfect unison, even if it was only going to be picked up on subconsciously… that the person watching would just feel that it “fit.”


~ by Boondock on November 27, 2007.

28 Responses to ““Furious Angels””

  1. Very well done. This is my favorite highlight of all time. No matter how many times I watch it, it still gives me tingles

  2. Coolest clip ever!!!

  3. Yo i wanna know who that big hawiian guy is with the blue trunks and the nasty knock out power, who knows………….

  4. I think you’re asking about Mark Hunt. Iron chin, KO power, former K1 champ.

  5. ya good call
    thanks man

  6. in a word. perfect. thanks

  7. Exellent HL!!!

  8. Honestly, you could show this videos to a promotion and you could get a job editing. This one is just…whew…this gives me goosebumps everytime.

  9. dude Amazing vid, what video editor did you use for this ?

  10. RIP Ryan Gracie
    I love the way u zoom in on helio’s face when the white towel is thrown in. Truly classic moment.

  11. Ryan,

    That was truly one of the defining moments that made this video. I have always, ALWAYS wondered… “what is going through Helio’s mind at that moment?”

    So those frames of Helio are a few of the building blocks for this whole video. I LOVE the drama of that moment.

  12. Love your highlights. This was the first of yours i watched if i remember correctly.

  13. Hey could you tell me who that guy is with the blue mohawk at 3:07 in?

  14. Chris,
    That’s Heath Herring. Now in UFC and just beat Kongo.

  15. Thanks he looks possessed. Incredible vid, very well put together with all the references to lyrics (Kerr especially)

  16. This is still the best HL i have seen

  17. This is a beautiful MMA highlight.

  18. awesome. got any more in the works?

  19. Epic HL. I can’t believe i’ve been watching it over and over since May 06!

    As someone already said, the Helio frames are awesome, you can see in his eyes generations of Gracie Martial Arts dominance coming to end…

    Everytime i watch it i find a new link between the video and the lyrics to the music….

    ‘dirty needle’ = Mark Kerr
    ‘down on the ground = obvious πŸ™‚
    ‘seconds to live’ = choke
    ‘bleeding’ = obvious πŸ™‚
    ‘blow to the head and i’m stunned’ = Rua

    and i think ‘you can’t see me’ is a reference to the fighter holding on to the ref and sort of hiding behind him (but maybe i’m looking a bit too far into that one!)

    Look forward to the next HL!

  20. There are so many MMA highlight videos out there that seem to be little more than a heavy song to hard-hitting images, with usually only a single instance of the images and music being very in sync, and that usually at the song’s climax. This one shows its power through a consistent theme (even a story, perhaps), multiple instances of synergy between the music (including the lyrics) and images, and a jaw-dropping ending. What shines through is that you used what seemed to be very simple editing tricks that most others would have access to but guided them with a real eye for good design. It would take more, I think, before it reaches a professional level. Yet this eye-widening, chilling, thundering, primal, and epic video is still after many months my favorite MMA highlight. Thanks.

  21. This video really great

  22. absolutely amazing. i’ve been watching your highlights for a couple of years now, and i still feel just like i did the first time i watched them. you truly have an amazing talent.

  23. Man I’ve been watching this HL over and over again for years now and I still get goosebumps every time I watch it. Thanks for all the effort put into this.

    Is there a way to download a High Quality version of it? Cause the thought it will dissapear off the net someday scares me.. lol.

  24. Nvm I found it already, sorry πŸ™‚

  25. absolutely superb work! a rare masterpiece , without a doubt the ultimate MMA video.

  26. mate this is simply amazing yet its been a while since the last HL? whats going on i hope alls well and nothing has slowed the master of highlight making down!!!

  27. Hi Boon,

    I sent you a PM on Youtube

    you should read it!

    – GY

  28. […] also watched an excellent internet video created by a talented highlight maker, which helped with understanding why outcomes do not matter; specifically, not worrying about […]

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