“Chuck vs Wand – Promo #1”

This was the first of a supposed three part series of promos for a fight I hoped would happen. Well it IS happening but Promo #2 and #3 have not happened. My PC crashed shortly after this and I haven’t had the heart to start it all over again.

But this video is supposed to be funny. Many Brazilians thought it disrespectful and I even got a few death threats. Guess they didn’t know I’m a Wand fan myself because in reality this video backhandedly makes fun of the average TUFfer who has no idea who “Vanderlay Silva” is.

Song 1: “Sit Up and Listen” by X-Ray Dog (thanks to Jerseyfresh84 for the song name)
Song 2: “Cotton-Eyed Joe” by Rednex


~ by Boondock on November 27, 2007.

7 Responses to ““Chuck vs Wand – Promo #1””

  1. ha ive seen this video before and was pissed the first time… but now that i see your comment and you say your a Wand fan… i will let out a chuckle…. cant wait till dec 29th even though its been a little to long of a time coming

  2. I pissed myself laughing so hard. I can’t wait until Dec. 29th to see who gets the 3 losses in a row.

  3. i hope my man wandy wins

  4. this is jokes, its hard to imagine anyone not knowing this was a joke…

  5. That was very funny, LMAO!

    I’m from Curitiba, I know Wanderlei and of course I’m his fan. I cant’ see how some guys couldn’t realize this video was a joke…

    WAR WAND!!!

  6. Ricardo,

    It’s good to hear from a native Brazillian that they got the humor of this video! I am a HUGE Wand fan and I honestly hope he wins vs Chuck.

    If you can get Wand to watch this I’ll be forever in your debt.

    Long Live MMA!


  7. That’s tight! Can you do one where you show both fighters equally?

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