“A Matter of Pride”

I’m a fan of MMA history and the Gracie/Sakuraba blood feud was one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Kazushi Sakuraba is called “The Gracie Hunter” due to his defeats over Royce, Renzo, Royler, and Ryan. I always believed that the rivalry was never settled since Rickson Gracie (famed to be the greatest fighter of the Gracie family) and Saku never fought. If you find yourself reading that and drawing a blank, I’d encourage you to read up or at least watch some of the Gracie/Saku rivalries (Watch “Gracie’s in Action” 1 and 2). It was legendary to watch one man single-handedly break a family’s long-storied pride. But the Gracie’s being the warriors they are, never lost their honor (regardless of what some might say).

It’s always been unfortunate that Rickson never stepped up to fight Sakuraba and that is why I sub-titled this video, “Dear Rickson…”
Song 1: Looped cut from “X Amount of Words” by Blue October
Song 2: “A Place For My Head” by Linkin Park
Misc: The original version was over 10 minutes long and went deep into the Gracie’s family and more current wins. It was all too much and I cut it down to this.


~ by Boondock on November 27, 2007.

8 Responses to ““A Matter of Pride””

  1. Didn’t Rickson stop fighting after his son died?
    If so, then its understandable why he didn’t step up and fight Sakuraba.

  2. anywhere or way to see the 10 min version???

  3. Kingsama…. sadly not that I can find. It was lost in the PC crash of 2006.

    If I can recover some of it I will.

    This video gets little credit and is outdated (Rickson vs Saku) but I am SUCH a fan of the history of the story.

  4. Boondock i have to say that your right. This video is extremely hard to find on youtube. And in my opinion i enjoyed it as much as Furious ANgels. Maybe even more. I loved how the music flashed to sakuraba with one of his masks on. That was awesome!!

  5. Agree the music when he appear with mask!! it’s perfect. PS I’m a fan of boondock videos

  6. From start to finish my favorite mma highlight.

  7. where is the clip at 0.44 from?

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