“3rd Man”

My personal favorite of my highlight videos. It was born out of a very hard time of life, perhaps the hardest I’ve ever been through. I was living the lyrics of this video…. The words, the visuals, and the music all just came together and expressed my feelings perfectly.

Much like my other videos Furious Angels and Hurt, the lyrics match the feel of the video and clips, if only in my own head.

I truly thought it would be a very hated video. Sure the ref-cam is cool but Coldplay in an MMA video?! But I just couldn’t get my heart/mind out of this song for this video. I finally made and released this highlight more for myself without worrying if others would think it sucked. I’m still surprised when fans and (especially) fighters tell me this is their favorite of my videos.

Song: “Fix You” by Coldplay

This video is downloadable in the Download section (right side of page).



~ by Boondock on November 27, 2007.

39 Responses to ““3rd Man””

  1. this video is bad man. love how you sync’d the video with the lyrics. takes you right back to the fight. i never thought i’d be able to workout to coldplay, but this video is all i think about when i hear this song. keep it up bro, much appreciated

  2. Nice is all that is needed to be said…

  3. man this video reminds you of how hard it can be to watch mma at times. awesome fucking shit man.

  4. brill video ref cam rocks!

  5. i don’t know why, but i actually broke down into tears the first time i watched this. it’s an extremely powerful film. thank you.

  6. Man, i gotta say, I love all your work, but this video was the one that made me find all your other videos! This is an awsome fucking video, my favorite to.

    Keep up your good work!

  7. Best video ever. So glad you finally got it back on the web.

    Fantastic! This video moves me in ways I can’t describe.

  8. Really glad you guys like the video and that some of you have a deeper sense of appreciation. I know that this is my favorite and it hits me with a big impact. Shows a different side of MMA with a lot of soul.

  9. When you take one thing and put it with something else that typically dosen’t go with it and you make it work…

    You know your good.

  10. Oh my god, i found your videos because of “Furious Angels”. But this one is such a great work… Usually I’m not a Fan of violence, or boxing, but this videos are so strong. 3rd Man doesn’t show only the fights, it shows the human beings behind the fights, the losers… the winners.
    Keep on doing such great jobs!

    P.S. I’m sorry for my bad english, but I’m a german pupil 😉

  11. this hl kick asses.. the best

  12. Sweet video, I actually heard about this video at church. They showed it during a sermon, wow! I bet there is a lot more behind this video than most know. Very artistic and fluid in a way that highlights a deeper sense of the sport. keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I’m so happy I’ve been able to find Third Man online again.
    This is by miles my favourite of yours. Really powerful and moving stuff.

    Awesome work.

  14. excellent work once again

  15. best part is when fedor starts punishing goodridge, music goes perfect with that!

  16. I have no idea why but i also have tears running down my face after watching this video…its truely moving and got me thinking about my own problems i need to work out afterward

  17. This video is beautiful. This is your best video with hurt as close second imo. Would love to see more videos from you.

  18. This is the greatest video on the internet and honestly and powerfully exposes the true heart of MMA. Brilliant work.

  19. I find this blog very interesting, i will be here everyday till now. Greetings

  20. ^MMA, glad it caught your interest. Which is your favorite and why?

  21. This video and “Furious Angels” are what mma is all about. Great work.

  22. awesome video man! Truly amazing

  23. Hey brah, this video is absolutely awesome and is hands down my favorite Pride HL video to date. Keep up the good work, you never dissapoint.

  24. The first time i watched this video it left the “ache” in my stomach like a death in the family, an emotional break up. A triumph and epic.

  25. Very intense and intimate video. Much respect for pride refs. Seeing the shogun part the ref saw shogun arm break and quickly jump to proctet him and stayed there using his own body as a shield, while coleman refused to stop. I miss pride 😦

  26. Good stuff “yo know me.” Now.. do I REALLY know you?

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  28. great stuff man hows the stuff for the new movie going???

  29. hey great videos..it would be really nice to see dream hl with your style..

  30. Awesome! Thank you.

  31. I just saw this today for the first time and I just wanted to thank you for it. It shows me that people truly love MMA; you’ve captured all the emotions that partakes in a crazy fight. There are too little instances where the true feelings of MMA are expressed so beautifully.

  32. dude I hate cold play — but this song and along with this video –wow just wow

    very emotional for me as i watched months after the ufc had bought and then dissolved Pride

    this video captures Pride

  33. I’ve NEVER posted on forums or commented on videos until i saw this 3rd Man HL. It wasn’t just the clips of the fights but also the disappointment and pain experienced by the fighters, which was perfectly captured by the images and the music.

    I knew right away i had to give my greatest compliments to the creator of the video. This is truly one of THE best mma videos i have ever seen (and i’ve seen a lot, trust me). Hopefully we’ll be so lucky as to witness another touching and emotional video just like this one. Keep up the good work!!

  34. Thanks “awesome_video”…. a truly an encouraging comment. I love it when someone feels a bit of what I hoped to capture with this highlight. Thanks again and feel free to email me @ boondockvideo@yahoo.com in the future.

    Long Live MMA!

  35. where are u dude?

  36. I’m around, bro! You mean, am I making more highlights??

    Not yet…

  37. Where can i download the hd videos of furious angels and 3rd man … my favorite mma videos all time man …

  38. Greatest HL vid of all time.

  39. The GOAT MMA video and captures the spirit of Pride FC perfectly. The absolute golden age of MMA.

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