“Fedor vs Nog 3”

My first MMA highlight so I chose one fight to break down instead of going in search of a bunch of footage. It’s not that good but it did let me play around with some of the bells and whistles of the program.

Song 1: “No Way Out” by ZZ (Nog’s entrance music)
Song 2: Remix of “Enae Volare Mezzo” by Era (the original version is Fedor’s entrance song)
Video Editor: PowerDirector


~ by Boondock on November 26, 2007.

13 Responses to ““Fedor vs Nog 3””

  1. This is my all time favorate mma highlight believe it or not. Sometimes i watch it to motivate me before training and it really helped me appreciate some of the suttleties in Fedor’s technique; he really has that soft judo touch, the guy knows how to turn his energy on and off like a lightswitch which is a quality that’s really revered in chinese martial arts such as tai chi and wing chun.

  2. DGhodsi,

    I’m glad you appreciate this video as much as you do. I have always loved it but I realize that I was not up to my best while making it. It still is a favorite of mine and I hope to remake it someday.

    Long Live MMA!


  3. I like it, it agitates me because I feel for Nog when it comes to being desperate and looking to land a punch and you are barely missing and you keep getting caught…

    No fun at all. ha

  4. I like this video alot.first choice of music was good but could be better,but as soon as i heard the second song i downloaded it right away.I liek the fade/blurrynes towards the end,but u should have made the blur happen when one of them landed a realy clean, nice, punch to show how they r seeing when they get hit.all in all great vid shouldnt be at the bottom.

  5. Hamilton,
    It’s at the bottom of the list because I put my HLs in chronological order and this was my first. I’m glad you like it.

    The two songs are the entrance songs of the fighters and I also like Fedor’s a lot. I liked it enough to use it instead of his version (the one in the video is a remix).

  6. O ok. well i think i like the remix verson better. If you can tell me, what kind of software do you use that gives you those effects.

  7. You can get those effects on pretty much any of the following; PowerDirector, Pinnacle, Vegas, Adobe, Final Cut. They’re all pretty standard blurs and such. If you’re just starting out you can probably get them on Windows Movie Maker.

  8. Very nice video. Dramatic. I’d like to say it’s one of your best, but then, all your other highlights are good.

    Where can I get the remix version or Era’s Enae volare mezzo?

  9. FedorFan-
    E-mail me about the song.


  10. I enjoy watching your craft… I’ve been returning to these Hl’s in anticipation for the Fedor vs Sylvia fight in July. You seamlessly connected two great fighters into one awesome fight-for-life match. Thank you again…

  11. Excelent compilation, man.

  12. I think I’ll use the remix instead of my regular entrance music thanks..

  13. This is one of my favorite ufc videos ever. Thanks for sharing it man.

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